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Early Years

Early Years

Since June 2022 we have been collaborating with Appledore Montessori Ltd to provide alternative, holistic education for children from birth to 11 years.

Appledore is the first Montessori preschool in Lancaster and also offers bilingual education in English and Spanish. For the youngest children, they run Garden Explorers parent & child group on Friday mornings in our beautiful school grounds. The preschool is open Monday to Thursday, 8.00 am until 5.30pm, and caters for children aged 2.5 to 5 years. Funded hours and tax free childcare options are available.

Following the Montessori curriculum, Appledore takes a child-led approach, in line with the EYFS, which fosters children’s independence, confidence and love of learning. Before joining Bridge class, LISAL reception aged children share the learning environment with Appledore, thus enhancing our collaboration and offering the children a smooth transition between our two settings. Both believe that a mixed age group is a positive way to develop social cohesion, building a nurturing learning community based on collaboration. Children from both settings are able to learn through purposeful activities, imaginative play and a strong focus on nature and the outdoors. Teachers from Appledore and LISAL collaborate to ensure each individual child has their needs met and are receiving the best possible education throughout.

If you wish to learn more about Appledore Montessori Ltd, you may contact them at or call +44 7731 417396.

Please see the mandatory policies and procedures used for Early Years that are adopted by the EY team within LISAL and Appledore Montessori Ltd

LISAL Policies that will be used in EY include: